Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The One Where We Learned That You Can’t Wipe Your Nose With Your Dirty Underwear On The Golden Gate Bridge ….

(This is one in a series of blogger challenge posts with my nieces which often fall in to the “You had to be there” category. Read at your own risk of confusion)

Ok, so that’s not really how it goes (about the Golden Gate Bridge) but when a family like ours plays Balderdash anything goes.

On Saturday, October 11 the family gathered at our house for the annual Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner. The day was memorable just because but perhaps more so by the number and combination of folks who made it. Although everyone is always invited, this is not a command performance and since it is not an official US holiday work schedules especially among the 16 - 30 something group can sometimes get in the way. This year all members of that generation made it. So did all of their significant others with the exception of Arron who was holding down the fort at the bike shop so Emma could come. We also had three friends of family members.  All told there were 24 packed into our living room. Despite the cool rainy temperatures outside it was warm and (thankfully for sure) dry inside.
There was no way to get everyone in the shot

24 people talk … a lot. It was fun to simply sit back at times and listen to the multiple conversations going on at once. It was very amusing to watch everyone look for a timepiece when there was a lull in the conversation to see if it was 20 minutes before or after the hour. It should be noted that never once did we hit the mark.

Where did that idea come from anyway? I thought it was the ubiquitous “they”. You know “They always say …..” but several family members attributed it to Aunt Miriam and since Aunt Miriam wasn’t there to defend or deny the rumor it will join the ranks of family lore. Right along with “Where’s the pool?”, “This is YOUR carrot” and underwear on the Golden Gate Bridge.

This particular Thanksgiving will be remembered (at least by me) as the one where there were no leftovers except for a tiny serving of vegetables and a pie which we gave to someone else to take since we knew we wouldn’t eat it. Who has Thanksgiving with no leftovers? Turkey and mashed potatoes are usually in abundance. It made for quick clean up but still…….. And then there’s the matter of my right ring finger which began bothering me shortly after pealing about 8 pounds of potatoes.

Thanksgiving complete. Bring on the next puzzle. 
Until next year,

-Keep smiling and keep moving

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  1. Melody and I read this together. :D Splendid post. The command performance line made me laugh out loud. ;) Where was the puzzle being constructed? I didn't see it...