Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A is for making Adjustments

I have momentum. Two hikes on the weekend, yoga on Monday and Tuesdays (yesterday) are rest days. Wednesdays are typically evening hikes and Thursday is for my hills.

So here's the thing. There's always a thing, right? On Thursday I have a class to teach. Once a month I teach an all day class for our new members. It's one of, if not the most, favorite thing about my job. But it leaves me drained. I'm on my feet 7.5 of the 8 hours and although I don't travel much beyond the length or width of the room, I generally end up dehydrated and mentally exhausted. It's fun but it's work. I love it :)

Anyway, an argument could be made that I should push myself to get out anyway. But realistically, I know it's unlikely. Also, I'll be helping to staff our Association Happy Hour after work this particular Thursday so I won't get home till 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. Something has to give.

I decided that - in the big picture right now - the hill work was more valuable than the evening hike. So tonight I went out for hill-work.

AND ...

I ran ALL SIX of them. Woo hoo! Ok jogged but it counts ;)

Keep smiling and keep moving


  1. Way to go, Paula! And I, for one, wouldn't argue that you should push yourself to go out Thursday night after a long day on your feet. I would be arguing for the "go home, drink lots of water, and maybe hit the foam roller" side. ;)