Saturday, June 7, 2014

Norristown Farm Park Walk

Mother nature has been really kind to us lately. I don't know if it's apologies for the harsh winter or lulling us into a false sense of security before an equally harsh summer. Doesn't matter I'm enjoying every minute of what we have now. Third weekend in a row with gorgeous gorgeous weather.

Two weeks ago I walked; last week I hiked and today was a walking week. In case you are wondering (if not skip this part) I define walking as more or less flat, more on paved surface than trail and hiking has more contours and climbing on mostly dirt, rocky or tree root paths. My goal for the summer and fall is to build the length of my hikes but with the Independence Day Walk coming up I need to get some pavement miles in too. So today was a walking day.

I drove out to Norristown Farm Park. I've never been there. Not for lack of trying a few times. Stuff happens ya know? Here is the Garmin info which includes the map of my walk. I spent most of it in the park with a spur out and back to the Schuylkill River Trail. I think there is a nice bike ride to be ridden along the SRT and then over into the Farm Park some day.

I have to remember electrolyte and fuel on these longer walks. I had nothing with me but water two weeks ago and I felt it toward the end. I did bring a snack today. Chocolate covered raisins. I ate them at the 2 hour and 3 hour marks. So my energy level stayed good. Right at the end - the last half mile or so - I felt the shiver I get in my face and head when my electrolytes are low. On a warmer day I would have been in trouble earlier. I need to watch out for that.

My legs were rough after the 10 mile at Heinz Refuge two weeks ago. Not horrible but definitely feeling the walk so today I made sure to stop roughly each hour to stretch everything. I also did a stretch before getting into the car. I didn't weeble getting out of the car when I got home and I still feel pretty good now even after spending some time sitting on the porch, so the stretches were a good idea. I know that's not news but it's new for me to be mindful and actually do it.

My pacing according to Garmin was better at the end than the beginning. That is due mostly to stopping a lot at the beginning to take photos. However, mile 11 - 11.5 was UPHILL so I'm pretty proud of having the energy of mind and legs to power up anyway. The effects of the snowy Horseshoe Trail hike back in March has stuck with me more than I thought it did.

Some pictures of today's walk

Can you hear the water rushing? I could have stayed here all day. 

See the color in the clouds? That's real not photo-shopped. 
EDIT: My friend Michelle just told me about a plasma burst from the sun on Wednesday that "was not aimed directly at Earth, but could deal a "glancing blow" to the planet's magnetic field on Saturday (June 7), possibly amplifying northern lights displays" according to this article. How cool is that!

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