Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Which My Garmin Dies and I Have to Explain Weebles

25 bike miles today. I rode with the bike club from the Art Museum to Conshy and back. It's my longest ride this year but not my longest ever. That was 28 miles last September at the Cycles and Cemeteries Ride.

Today's ride was along the same path as the C&C ride - the SRT and the Towpath. We had to enter the towpath at a different spot than usual which meant a longer ride on Main Street in Manayunk. It seems people there are used to cyclists though and we had no issues with irate drivers as we hurried along in the driving lane. We did have one woman fall off her bike because she couldn't unclip but fortunately no injury or accident.

Once again I am amazed at the cyclists that won't stop at red lights (including those in our group). But the thing that really got me today was the guy texting while riding. Really? One handed riding looking at your phone.

36 miles this weekend walking and biking. I'm pretty happy about that. However, my Garmin died so a lot of my feet miles will be estimates for awhile. I really don't mind that. Before the Garmin I did it that way all the time. What I'll miss is the map at the end. I thought it was cool. It doesn't take much to make dorks smile. ;)

Dave commented after my last post that he thought 'weeble' was a great word. He did not know "Weebles Wobble but They Don't Fall Down". I guess Canada didn't get Weebles. So for anyone else who didn't get the reference here is a clip of a vintage Weeble commercial.

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