Sunday, August 4, 2013

September Morning

Oh wait. It's only August 4th. It feels much more like September today - a picture perfect fall morning.

My plan was to go for a bike ride that started out with 5-6 miles around Media "south" of route 1 and then "north" of route 1 out and back to Hildacy Farms. The return from Hildacy Farms is a hill that I fell apart riding back in January. By the time I returned to the area of my house my legs did not feel up to making that so I repeated my warm up circuit around the immediate neighborhood and went home.

As I write this I think the truth is more likely that I let my brain talk me out of it. I blamed my legs but I think that isn't fair. *sigh* I'll get it next time.

The upside- it was a 7 mile bike ride  and that beats sitting on the couch.

Four more sleeps 'till vacation!

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