Friday, August 2, 2013

Numbers vs Narrative

2 kids playing in the creek
1 different kid walking back to the car with his mothers make up bag on his foot because he lost his shoe in the creek
1.5 falls (I saved one)
3.57 miles
1 runner passed me going my way
1 walker pass me coming toward me
1 warm up lap of the parking lot
1 cool down lap of the parking lot
159 average heart rate
58 minutes and 18 seconds total time on my feet

So I read a report that "they" did on whether people read other people's training or fitness reports for the numbers or for the narrative. I read for the narrative and since I write for myself mostly that's what you get here. But I do enjoy that others read my blog so in case you are one of the number seekers there you have tonight's run by the numbers :)

None of that really matters though as much as the fact that I actually did it. I've had a sore throat for three days now and this morning it felt the worst of the three. I almost didn't even put my gym bag in the car. In the end I decided that it was too early in the day to sabotage my efforts so the gym bag came with me to work. After some water and some coffee my throat felt less parched although it still bothers me to swallow.

"They" say the rule of thumb for working out with a cold (or whatever this is) is neck and above the neck go for it, below the neck skip it. I decided I would use the 10 minute rule tonight. 10 minutes on my feet and if I didn't feel right I'd turn around and go back. Since the first 8+ minutes was a long and winding downhill it was either keep going or turn around and go back up the winding uphill. If I kept going I'd have to go up it again on other side eventually but in the meantime I'd have some fun on the trail. Plus by the time 10 minutes was up I was feeling good and was, in fact, really enjoying the trail.

I did a loop of sorts combining parts of the blue and white trails at Ridley Creek State Park tonight. Trail running has been growing on me these past few years and I've pretty much decided that I really love it. It so much more interesting than road running. A little trickier, sure, but I think that's what I love the most - the adventure. :) When I was a kid and we would go on car trips I remember looking out the window of the car and imagining what it would be like to be able to hike up the hills and mountains we passed. I still do it (although not so much while I'm driving). I think trail running/hiking is in my blood somewhere. I'm just now getting to do it. I had a great time tonight.

Upon arriving home, I did the arm challenge. Which hurt a lot more than yesterday since my muscles where suffering from delayed onset soreness by the time I got to tonight's challenge. Still I finished. How are the rest of you doing? I know some readers are doing the arm challenge as well. Are you looking forward to Sundays day off from the arm challenge as much as I am? :)

Earlier this week I had a great bike ride - my first of length since returning. It was mostly flat. However, I'm proud to say I managed the three hills that were there very well. :) On that same night I had a shorter bike ride with the son of one of my running buddies. Austin is 7 and he and I rode for about 3 miles while his mom and a few others completed a virtual race with the "Nerd Herd". They are raising money to fight cancer. At 7, one does not have as much trail awareness as is necessary to be safe but fortunately he was very good at listening and following my directions and I'm pleased to say we both survived and had a nice chat about movies while we rode. Austin loves horror movies and was rather philosophical about the ones he can't see yet because they are above his viewer rating. ;)

Also earlier this week I ran at another nature preserve - Gwynedd - in Ambler with Maggi and Julius. It was great to run with them again. It was another gorgeous running night too!

No photos of anything this week. I wish someone would invent a camera that fits in your hat or visor and the shutter is managed by a button on your wrist or something like that. There were lost of photo opportunities this week but I just didn't feel like carrying the camera.

I ran tonight - Friday's are usually an off day - so that I could take tomorrow off and go to see my sister Meg and a production of Sound of Music. Meg is in the pit orchestra (I hope I got that right). She plays the bass guitar and just about any other instrument she wants but it's bass guitar for tomorrow. :)

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  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I'm just getting ready to do day 2 of the arm challenge, after spending my afternoon working up at Mom's house. Eeep!

    If you want to post pics from one of your runs, please feel free to steal any of the pictures I posted on FB from Gwynedd. :)