Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Plan(s) B

I had a meeting in Harrisburg, PA today. I checked in with a runner I know in Harrisburg area to ask about somewhere I could do a run out that way instead of coming all the way home first. She suggested I try the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. There was one flaw in my plan. There really wasn't anywhere to change. I couldn't do it were I had the meeting - too awkward and there wasn't anywhere near the trail either. I would have settled for a port-a-potty but there wasn't one. It looked like a nice trail though.

So I continued on toward home and decided to stop at Ridley Creek State Park. I changed in the rest room and headed out on the blue trail. It was pretty hot and humid tonight but still I managed to complete it in one hour. I actually ran more ups than downs. I'm still getting used to controlling momentum and dodging roots at the same time. The park was buzzing with birds and bugs (some of which were biting). And despite the scare from the deer that scrambled out of the brush (not sure who was more shocked) I had a great time. 

In other Plan B news - I had to do day 26 of the arm challenge today (even though it's the 27th) due to total lack of energy yesterday. My tank fell from half to empty like a ton of bricks. I feel much better today so I really think it was a case of not enough calories in to match increased activity levels. I spent 1.5 hours on the trail Sunday and that represents a huge jump in my activity since before vacation.

In yet other Plan B news - Dave and I have been talking about taking an Amtrak trip from Philly to Pittsburg to Cleveland to Albany to New York and back to Philly maybe in October. However his October weekend are filling up quickly and strangely enough there is nothing this weekend. So we are going to do it now. The trip begins on Saturday afternoon around 11 when we leave Media by train to 30th street and ends around 10 or so Sunday evening when we return to Media by train from 30th street.

The idea started because we really want to see and experience the Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA but I don't want to just go out and back on the same train. When I looked at the Amtrak routes and timetables I realized we could do this cool loop! We'll cross PA and NY in the daytime of each day so we'll get to see a lot of the countryside of both states. We have a four hour layover in Pittsburg and will spend some of the time walking to Primanti Brothers on Smallman Street for a sandwich. The question remains whether I will make an exception to the no bread thing for this sandwich. Likely not which will get me some strange looks but considering the 'strangeness' of a Primanti Brothers whose going to notice? Would you believe I could eat two of these at one sitting --- when I was a 20 something? Man that was a long time ago.

So all in all Plan B is working out very well.

Have a great weekend, all! :)

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