Monday, August 26, 2013

It's not about whether you ARE taller than Aunt Paula .....

.... it's about how young you were when it happened.

This is one of many favorite quotes from the sibling BBQ this past Saturday (8-24-13). And this post is part of the "Blog Challenge" that my nieces and I do after many - if not all - family gatherings. If you are new to this blog the BC simply means each of us blogs independently about our impressions, memories, what have you about the event. We are sworn to not look at any of the other participant's blogs until we have finished our own post. It's fun to see which elements we remember or choose to include. My nieces blogs are private (two of them aren't even 18 yet). If I could share them I would because they are all so very creative. And before I continue with my thoughts on the day, I'd like to welcome Miss Elizabeth (Bippy) to the challenge.

My initial impression of the BBQ - almost two full days later - is how some things stay the same and some don't. We are all one year older of course and this is more apparent in the 'younger generation'. It's tough to call them collectively 'children' anymore since many of them are now adults. But my nieces and nephew breaking into song or lines from musicals, plays and movies is something that is still the same. It's kind of awesome; often funny; and something they will probably always do when ever they are together.

Another 'same' thing is some sort of intellectual discussion of which I usually can not wrap my head around. The topics are different though. Last year it was about 'what constitutes a classic'. This year it was a discussion between Nathan (who was heading back to his junior year at RIT the next day) and Cara (who started 11th grade? today) about physics. I don't get the classics and physics and I have never been on the same page. I get a kick out listening to the conversations. I don't dare try to participate though.

We played board games (same) but ones that I never played before (different). I learned how to play Quirkle (kind of like a cross-dominoes game) and Quiddler (which in my head kept coming out as Quibbler making me think of the publication in the Harry Potter books.). I enjoyed both games immensely. But like the kids becoming taller than me, it's a pretty safe but that I will not win. I LOVE board games but I don't have a good head for strategy nor the inclination to compete. The latter could be related to the former I guess.

Something that always stays the same - the day is too short as are the years that separate them. I'm glad my siblings and I make an effort to have these gatherings even though everyone can't always make it every time.

Ok I'm off to see what the other ladies wrote.

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  1. Well. Hmm. This is awkward. I FINALLY got mine done and I can read yours. I think mine is the longest but it isn't very funny. I LOVE the title and I wish I'd heard that conversation.