Friday, May 10, 2013

Health and Weekend Update

I guess it's not really a weekend update until the weekend has happened. I meant this is my plans for the weekend.

I am a softball widow this weekend. Ok nothing new there. It happens every year about this time and will be this way through the end of July at least. But this time Dave left on Wednesday before I got home from work and won't be home until Sunday (or Monday depending on weather.) He is working a NCAA Division III Regional tournament. It's a tribute to his work as an umpire to be selected for one of these. He's happy as kid on summer break! Last night he reported the games are excellent and despite the weather related late start on Thursday so far they are on track.

Tomorrow I will be out early headed to Valley Forge to help with the "Misery Loves Company Ode to Joy Challenge". Our running group has two parts. Perkis People (complete with mascot turtle named Perki after the Perkiomen Trail that we so often run on) is for 'regular' runners and walkers. Misery Loves Company or MLC for short is an adjunct group of crazy hard core trail runners. There is lots of overlap between the two groups. The MLC folks prefer to run on dirt paths (often filled with rocks and trees and other obstacles) that go sharply up and down while Perkis people run a combination of paved paths and dirt paths but our dirt paths are nowhere near as steep or rocky. The MLC group welcomes the trail novices of Perkis People with open arms. They will run 5-6 miles at our pace and then go out for 10, 20, or more on their own. Yes, trail runners put the LONG in long distance running. Anyway, Lead MLCer, Pete, has devised a trail running adventure for tomorrow. Both groups have representation. I, and a few others are volunteering to help out with various duties to keep the day running smoothly. If it doesn't rain too much (the forecast keeps changing) it should be a fun morning. I might have photos in my next post.

Saturday evening is Second Saturday in Media. I'm not sure what is planned. These events typically showcase local artists and musicians (not that musicians are not artists just wanted to mention them too). Some months there is an additional theme. For instance in July there is the celebration of Bastille Day complete with re-enactment. In June there is the Blues Stroll. So, weather and fatigue permitting I will take a walk into Media tomorrow night to take in the festivities.

On Sunday, I'm going up to Mt Holly to spend some time with Emma. She called last night to see about going for a bike ride together. I had to explain my temporary hiatus from biking and running so we settled on a flea market near her and a walk at a local park. Of course with Emma there's no telling what else might happen. I'll let you know.

Health update. I got a call from the GP's office today giving me the results of the blood work. The bad news there is nothing there that would contribute to the heart flutters. Of course the good news is that all the tests were good. I am 4 points over ideal on LDL cholesterol and 29 points over on total cholesterol. Not too bad,says the doc, but of course she still suggested I work on that. My nutrition habits are not horrible but there is always room for improvement. Now I've got motivation to work on it some more. I hate not acing the test! LOL

Still waiting on the results of the Echo and Holter Monitor. I'll call if I don't hear anything by Tuesday.

Personal analysis: Today was the first day since this whole thing started that I had very little irregular heart beat. I had a small one early this morning and then nothing until I was out walking tonight. A span of more than 8 hours. Compare that to getting bunches of them every 2 hours before this. It's also the first day I haven't felt like I want to sleep all day. I do intend to follow up with the cardiologist but if this trend continues and I get two days in a row without incident I'm probably going to try an easy run and see what happens. Stay tuned!

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Thanks for the report...I have been (not so) patiently waiting! Glad you are feeling better. Glad you are planning to continue to follow up with the doc. Please be careful. I know you will.

    I so enjoy your blog. Taking mental notes on how its done!

    Have a great Mother's Day!