Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 13: March 4 to March 10

Monday - today I get half credit. I did not go to my room after dinner and do any yoga or yayaog. But I did do some work during the day. See I have a goofy secret. On days like today when My time at work is my own - no presentations, meetings etc. I take breaks every hour or so. I go to the rest room and do exercises in the handicap stall. Usually things like squats, lunges or balance yoga poses. Sometimes I'll do pushups against the wall. About 5 minutes or so then I wash my hands and go back to my desk. It's a great little pick me up and doing it in the restroom is easier than explaining to my co- workers why I'm doing squats at my desk. I did that enough times today that I get partial credit for my workout.

Tuesday - great night time run with Maggi, Julius and Amy. I now have run with 4 different people in March. Garmin

Wednesday - Yoga. I almost didn't go. I haven't been feeling well. Monday my sinuses started bothering me. Tuesday I had a sore throat and an earache. Today I have all of the above and I'm exhausted. I went anyway and I'm glad I did but I'm still not feeling great. I'm thinking there is a good chance I will not be running tomorrow.

Thursday - I desperately need sleep. And obviously I did. I slept about 10 hours overnight. It was aided by taking a decongestant but it worked. I need to research some natural sleep remedies. My bouts of insomnia seam to becoming more frequent. This week's bout was fueled by not feeling well too.

Saturday - You can read about my 18 mile tour of the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge here. Some additional notes: I'm pretty sure a lot of my issues at the end were from going too fast at the beginning. Some of it was caused by the health and sleep issues during the week. I do not feel like it was a fueling or electrolyte issue though. That's a big plus.

I am concerned about carrying stuff for the marathon. I won't be wearing a jacket so food and electrolytes must be carried in pockets. My old hydration belt worked great for the 16 mile run but one bag fell off early in today's run. That could be that I should change bags each week or get thicker ones. The bag simply separated from the pin. I'll post a photo of the set up next time.

The hydration pack and the belt combo started to bother me in the last three miles. I'll hold off judgement until after the 20 mile run though. Given my mood at mile 15 today I think discovering a pot of gold would have bothered me. Garmin  According to Garmin I did not go out THAT fast at the beginning. Could have slowed it down some but I went out faster for longer on the 16 mile run two weeks ago and didn't have nearly as much struggle at the end. Going to have to shake this one off and look toward the 20 mile in three weeks.

Sunday It's Sunday morning as I type this. I'm not going to bike ride. This is a shame since it's the best riding day yet. My legs are in pretty good shape after yesterday's run. The only dissenting vote goes to my left hip flexor (the one that caused my trips to the PT this time last year). So today will be a day of careful stretching and flexing and I think I'll take a walk later instead of biking.

Next week is my off week.

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