Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 12; February 25 - March 3

Monday - I did 35 minutes yoga followed by 10 good form pushups knees bent.

Tuesday - 8 miles! This is now my longest weeknight run! I ran 4 miles on my own then joined Julius and Maggi for another 4. I feel pretty good. We got hit with some sleet off and on but managed to finish before the steady rains. My left calf is still misbehaving though. It's an inconsistent pain. It 's not getting worse but I'm not sure if it's better or I just wish it was. More stretching. Garmin

Wednesday - Yoga started again today. 45 minutes and I feel great.

Thursday - I ended up about 30 seconds short of 1 hour. Ran 15 minutes on my own  (Garmin) and then 4 miles with Julius. (Garmin) Looking forward to DST when we won't need headlamps.

Saturday -  I had a fun drop back week.  You can read about it here. Garmin

Sunday - I had a rather unsatisfactory bike ride this morning unless I count that I got outside instead of on the trainer at least. You can read about it here. Garmin

Halfway to Bob Potts now! :)

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