Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 out of 30

I have challenged myself to run, walk or bike at least 1 mile with 30 different people in our fitness group, Perkis People. Today I ran with Caroline B and Maggi. I have 28 more to go.

Now in the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that I completed just 6.77 of my planned 8 miles today. I'm ok with it though. I feel fantastic. I'm halfway through my training program (week 12 out of 24 finishes tomorrow) and I feel strong and ready to tackle anything. One day at time but ready nonetheless. I stopped today because I felt like it. We had been out and back to the parking lot twice from different directions and I was not in the mood to go over the same ground again. To avoid that I was going to climb Mt. Misery and that was not going to happen. After Potts, though, I'm determined to earn my shoelaces  with the trail group.

Nothing hurt, I wasn't drained. I felt like I could have done twice the distance today. Truly after Tuesday's 8 miler I felt like I turned the corner. It's not all downhill from here - not with 18, 20, 22 and 24 mile runs left to do - but I am not dreading them either. I think I said this before but the variety in my training has been a huge factor. The alternating days of cross training and running have kept me moving and stretching and excercising without wearing out my legs or my mind. I can run 8 miles on a Tuesday because the next day I get to do yoga!

Today we met at Knox Headquarters in Valley Forge Park. Caroline and Maggi and I ran out the Valley Creek Trail to Washington's Headquarters then up the long hill to the Von Steuban turn on the loop and followed the loop in reverse (of our usual) down to to 252 and back to the parking lot. Caroline and I went out again on the Valley Creek trail and back for our total. (Map of VF Trails) It's the light blue trail that starts in the lower left of the map then the dark blue trail back to parking lot.

February totals: 80.46 feet miles 207.12 feet miles since starting Potts Training December 15.
In February I spent 480 minutes on the trainer for my bike time. Hopefully I'll start my March bike time outdoors.

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