Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 11; February 16-February 24

Monday - I did a lot of stretching and balance work today - through the morning mostly. I had the day off work and didn't have the motivation for much more than that. I paid a lot of attention to my calves and hamstrings as tightness there is a likely cause of my achilles strain.

Tuesday - Cold and rainy. I bailed. Yes, I know this doesn't jive with the designated theme of the training - No Excuses - but it is what it is. I have my limits. I'll run in rain and I'll run in cold but cold and rain together makes me cranky.

Wednesday - I met my friend Caroline B for 4 miles along the Chester Valley Trail. It was very cold but dry! :) A nice run. Caroline is very patient with me. I keep saying I want to go easy and then I push the pace without realizing it. She really should scold me but she's too nice to do so. BTW, you can follow her training at "The Running Optimist". She recently ran the Krispy Kreme challenge in North Carolina. Garmin

Thursday - Another nice run tonight. I've had some crazy days at work this week and these runs have really helped keep my mind clear out of the funk that comes from that. Tonight I ran with Julius and John T. I was a little anxious because they are typically ahead of me on most runs. So I spent most of the first mile waiting to collapse - but I didn't. I finally relaxed and before I knew it we were done and I felt great. And we were under 11 minute miles! I feel confident now going into my 16 mile run this weekend. Garmin

Saturday - Actually it's only Friday as I begin this. I'm very nervous about tomorrow's run. One of my running buddies suggested it's because I really want it. I think she's right and having a reason makes me feel a little better already. Thanks, Jeannie!

Still I've been stressing a lot today about running at a new place - Pennypack Park. On the one hand it would be good distraction to run somewhere new but then it could also be a pain if I got lost or didn't like the trail. Plus it's supposed to rain but no one seems to know how much or how hard. It's almost an hour away too. So I decided to bail on PennyPack and go to Oaks/Valley Forge. If I start from the Gravel Parking lot at Oaks I can be at the Valley Forge Visitor Center by 9 where others are meeting to do the loop. The weather may play a factor in attendance but I can run the loop alone without worry so it's ok. Again, having made the decision I'll sleep better now.

Famous last words! You can read about that and the run here. And here is the Garmin for Saturday

I am very glad to have the 16 miles completed successfully. From here on out I alternate big drop back weeks with increasing miles to the marathon. I hope to make the drop back weeks true fun runs and dig in for the longer ones. Next week it's 8 followed by 18 and then I have a week off having completed stage 2 of the the training.

Sunday - 90 minutes cross training today. I woke up to another dreary wet morning. So much for biking outside. I ran in that yesterday and the winds are higher today so I decided to stay indoors.

I started with 30 minutes of yoga. First I set up the bike so I went from the yoga mat to 30 minutes on the bike. I took a break and then another 30 minutes. Is taking the break cheating? Well it doesn't matter it's the way that worked for me this morning. I wore the heart rate monitor and tried to keep it in my zone 2: 111-130. Of course the sun came out when I was finished.

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