Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some days will be harder than others ....

... and some days it's just isn't going to happen.

Today was one of those days. I haven't been feeling well since last Sunday (12/30). Some kind of bug is hanging out in the background of my existence. I get nauseous after eating breakfast in the mornings and throughout the day I feel achy. But I also have periods of high energy during the day. Sleep has been fitful though. :(  All in all not enough to make me miss work, or workouts but enough to be annoying.

This morning I was planning to meet a group at Pennypack Park. I was really looking foward to it. I've never run there before. At 5 a.m. after tossing and turning for about an hour, I turned the alarm off and decided to skip trying to get to the park. I slept off and on until 8:30 and finally got up. I put on my running clothes and went down for breakfast.

At 10 I headed out for a run around Media. I was grateful that this was a drop back week. 5 miles between my 9 last week and 10 for next week. I set my timer for the usual 3 and 1's and off I went. I still didn't feel good. My stomache was still bothering me. Typically the nausea passes after about 20 minutes. I decided to take it slow and just try to grind out the miles. It was only 5 afterall (I told myself). I made it to a little more than 2 and went home. I was beginning to sweat and not in a excercise kind of way.

I had plans for today - painting the trim in the bathroom for one - but I think I'm going to bag all of them and be grateful that if this crud is going to hit me it has arrived on the weekend when I can afford to be a slug on the couch.

Tomorrow the weather is forecasted for close to 40 and more sunshine (it's gorgeous today in the mid 30's). I was hoping to take advantage of that and ride my bike to my dad's house in Devon. I'm minding the house for them while they are away. Roundtrip is about 18 miles and would fit perfectly into my planned 100 minutes. But I am going to have to hold off any decision on that until tomorrow. Right now, it would not happen.

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