Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I began 2013 with what I hope is a new tradition. For the second year in a row I met with friends at the Collegville Diner along the Perkiomen Trail. We ran or walked for an hour and then had breakfast at the diner. A few ran longer but we all ended up at the diner eventually.

I was glad that Dave joined us for breakfast this year! He is just as much a part of the team. Supporting all of us through many of our races.

I had five miles on my schedule today. I did most of the first 4 with Caroline B. doing - as she called them - "Caroline intervals". Her knee has been giving her fits so more or less we ran till it hurt and walked until it felt better. I was happy to spend time with her. I haven't seen her since the November. I hope her knee recovers soon so we can continue to put in some miles together. We are both signed up for Moon Joggers. Caroline was doing 4 total so toward then end when others had joined up with us, I ran off to get my 5 in and not be late for breakfast.

It was a beautiful, if cloudy, day on the trail. Last year the sun was so bright we were able to take a group shadow picture. This year we dodged snow and puddles. For some reason I expected the snow to be gone. We didn't quite need trax for this run but we may before the winter is over. One can only hope :) I enjoy a good snow run.

So it's a new year and lots of folks are making resolutions. I generaly don't anymore. Being a first-born-type-A person it will only lead to frustration with myself if I don't keep them. Having said that, someone asked this morning "What are your running resoutions for 2013?" My reply "To keep runing fun".  Given the fitness goals I've set for myself this year that will be an important thought to keep in mind. Over the course of the next 365 days I have plans to:

- run my 5th full marathon (my first in two years)
- complete a 100 mile bike ride
- follow the bike ride with a half marathon the next day
- run or walk 1000 miles as part of the Moon Joggers team

That ought to keep me busy and out of trouble. Maybe ;). I guess this is the year of "I have nothing to lose by trying".

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