Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Renovations

Just getting started.
After 11 years in this house we are finally tackling our bedroom. We've done one room at a time at intervals since we moved in. Last November we finished the last downstairs room. All but carpeting which requires a bit more saving since we can't do that ourselves.

Fortunately we have a sleeper sofa in the family room. Also kinda fortunately, although it's not horrible, it is no where near as comfortable as our 'real' bed so there is motivation to keep at this and get it done. And hopefully get it done before I go back to work on January 2.

4 hours later no paint on the wall
and two very tired workers
The big issue in the bedroom is the wallpaper that the old owners did not remove before painting. Slowly but surely over the years parts of it began peeling away.

The photos do not do justice to the ugliness of this wallpaper. Underneath the wallpaper is cement. We are pretty sure the paper has been there since the house was built. A previous owner also did some repairs to the wall by plastering ON TOP OF the wallpaper. Seriously?

We figured it would be a few days to get the paint off and we did it all and cleaned up in 4 solid hours of work. We are going to pay for this tomorrow I'm sure. Dave already commented that it will hurt to call penalties in tonight's game. My hands and neck hurt now. But we are hurting happy with the progress.

And it probably doesn't matter if we sleep on the floor in the basement tonight. I'm guessing we will both sleep well.

Tomorrow - we spray the walls and try to remove the wallpaper. Stay tuned. :)

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