Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taking a break

Today I went for a two hour hike at Ridley Creek State Park with Julius and Kristi. It was a gorgeous morning and perfect weather for a hike. In fact, it turned out I was overdressed with a long sleeve shirt on. We had a wonderful time wandering around the trails. We got a little turned around at one point but it's impossible to really get lost there. We talked and walked and all three agreed we had a great time.

This adventure reinforced my recent thoughts that I need to take a break after the Philly Half. My training schedule for Bob Potts Marathon doesn't start until December 10th. I'll take advantage of those three weeks to do whatever I feel like. More hiking, walking, biking and exploring with no purpose or goal but to enjoy what's out there to enjoy. Maybe some trail runs because I really do enjoy them. And of course getting acquainted with my new bike! More on that later when I have it and can show a picture.

So what are my goals for Philly Half? At the beginning of the year I had hoped to make this my PR race. I signed up with a goal of 2:15 (My previous best was 2:17 and change). It is unlikely that will happen. I haven't been consistent enough lately. My runs have felt good but I don't feel any significant improvement from the RNR in September. I've fallen off the schedule and truth be told I'm kind of anxious for the race to be over so I can take a break and start fresh for Bob Potts. I'm basically going through the motions right now.

So my goal will be to finish and have fun and try to keep it under 2:30. I love the Philly Half course and I'm counting on that to pick me up a little. I'll try to run water stop to water stop and just let the time fall where it may.

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