Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Hill of a Ride.

I went for a bike ride today. My first venture north of home where the hills go endlessly up, down and around. I'm embarassed to say how long it to me to complete 13.5 miles. But you can see for yourself.

I knew before I started that I was likely going to walk some of these hills. That in itself is part of the problem. Sefl-fulfilling prophecy and all that. And the obvious thing of course is that I need more hillwork on the bike. I need more confidence as well so doing this route again and again will be helpful. I should have taken advantage of speed on the downhills to gain momentum on the ups but there are very few straight lines on this route (or anywhere in Upper Providence for that matter**) and I was nervous with the traffic on Providene Road and 252. Even the park roads had a decent number of cars because it was such a nice day! I also need to get used to when to shift efficiently. Again practice is a big part of both of those issues.

Today's ride is a baseline, I guess. It can't get any baser..... there is only one way to go from here.

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