Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is a Wawa Hoagie Always a Wawa Hoagie?

Does geography or - more importantly - the roll really matter? I hope to answer that question next week.

On Monday morning before we leave I will purchase a Wawa classic hoagie- a) because they are on sale during Hoagiefest and b) it will divide into 4 decent size pieces for a taste test to be conducted by me with the assistance of Dave and my sister KT and her husband JL. Upon arrival in Orlando I hope to make a stop at the Orlando Wawa (KT, did I tell you this yet?) and purchase the identical hoagie and the four of us will conduct the test. The flaw I just noticed is that there is the possiblity of a 2-2 tie. We may have to enlist the help of an unsuspecting paser by. Won't THAT be fun :)

Photos and a full report will be posted here. Stay tuned.

In other vacation news, I had a dream last night. In the dream we forgot to check in online before going to the airport and were denied seats on the plane. I know that isn't the way it works but this was my dream not reality and often the two do not match up. (In my dreams I can finish a half marathon faster than 2:17 remember?) But back to last night's dream. Because we failed to check in online 'they' put us on a train and we ended up in Chicago. Apparently all my travel nightmares end up in Chicago.

5 days and counting.

As for the faster than 2:17 half marathon - one must have dreams to have dreams come true. Travel nightmares not included. :) :)


  1. Too funny! Not sure which local Wawa you had in mind but the closest one to us (so far) is opening tomorrow 8/8 so that's the one we should go to - I can get you location details later. Looking forward to the comparison - but honestly - I'm just thrilled to have a little piece of home in the neighborhood!

  2. Required hoagie eating? Oh my life is hard!