Saturday, August 4, 2012

12.5 times 2

Today was one of the more humid days we've run in. It seemd to be split between the Saturday morning gang as to which was worse - this week or last. I think this one wins by a nose. The only blessing today was the cloud cover which kept the sun at bay for most of the run. It also kept the humidty from burning off but you can't have everything.

I ran 12.5 with Angela and Michelle mostly. Maggie was there for part of it and so was Marjorie. We did 2 and 1 intervals. I think this is going to be my interval of choice at least until the soupy hot weather clears. The difference for me was being tired at the end but not ready to quit or die. I do have to watch out in the early miles. It feels really good and I'm still going too fast. Even so, toward the end when I did start to feel it in my legs I was able to say "it's only 2 minutes" just do it. I had a great run down at Kelly Drive using 2 and 1's too. So for now, that's what I'm going to do.

After the last walker made it back to home base - Valley Forge Visitor Center this week - I took my bike out on the trail for another 12.5 miles. I headed out from the park over the 422 bridge to the SRT and to the left toward the Oaks. Then out and back out to the dog park and back. I was only at 12 when I returned so I rode around the parking lot to make it an even 12.5 for both feet and bike miles today. Yeah I know - dork!

The bike ride was uneventful. No large rodents. It was rather pleasant actually.

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