Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weather or Weekday workouts

I had an awesome run today. 7 miles from Valley Forge Visitors Center over the creepy 422 pedestrian bridge and out on the Betzwood Trail and back. I felt great. Better than great.

I made our Red Group run easy the first mile. I told them they couldn't pass me. They didn't and we averaged 12:19 to the one mile mark. Then we spread out. 4 of us doing the full 7 miles ran 3 and 1 intervals. A few did not like the idea of run/walk and a few others were doing the half marathon 3 mile distance today.

My average pace on miles 2 through 6 was 14:15 (included stopping at the start of mile 2 to regroup. I forgot to pause the timer); 12:08, 12:12, 11:44; 13:08. I picked up the pace between 4 and 5. Then once we go back to the restrooms at Betzwood I stopped to stretch and again forgot to pause the timer. Hence, the 13:08 average there. After stretching I ran the final mile in one piece except for haivng to wait to cross route 23. I loaded the data into Garmin Connect but I'm still not sure what to make of all of it.

Interesting note. The three who did not want to do run/walk did get ahead of us since they weren't taking any walk breaks. But we caught up to them at the end and passed them. We had more energy left in the tank at the end because we took the breaks. :) It really does work folks.

So I'm trying to figure out why the run felt so good. The company was one of course. I had two new folks to talk too. The weather was definitely a factor. It's a gorgeous day. As I was running though I gave credit to my weekday hill and tempo workouts. Although neither was stellar (I have a lot of work to do in both). I thnk attempting and completing them gave me confidence.

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