Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nothing to lose

Well actually I probably did but it all worked out anyway.

Today was opening day for USAFit/Philly. Originally I planned to see the group through their first day and do my 5k minutes tomorrow (Sunday). I got so caught up in the energy of the day that I decided to try to run after the group left. It was not the brightest idea but it worked.

I set my Gymboss for 3 min run/1 min walk and went off. I felt pretty good through 2.5 miles. Then my left hamstring started to feel tight. So I backed off my pace (which already felt glacially slow) and concentrated on not favoring the leg and risk messing up my hip balance again. I think I did ok with that. I stretched for 17 minutes after returning to the car (my start spot). This is a first for me and perhaps the primary reason I got into trouble in the first place. I should have done some light stretching before though. I was certainly warmed up after walking and running a bit keeping the group on target for the morning. But some light stetching before heading out would have been a good idea I think. It may not have helped a lot but it would not have hurt at least.

I've lost some speed since March 24th and lots of aerobic capacity. It's frustrating and I'll have to work hard to get it back and improve.

I also failed miserably in the nutrition / hydration department. It was  a very warm day. I had a glass of milk and a glass of water and a banana at 5:30 am. And that's all I had before heading out to run about 10:30. Not a smart idea at all. I was into mile 2 before I realized that. It was a warm day and I had a headache when I was finished - likely due to dehydration. I do know better.

So I guess I did have a lot to lose now that I think about it. *SMACK*. I'll do better next time.

I also need to get serious about losing weight. The layoff added to the pounds I needed to lose. I generally dont't weigh myself. We have a scale...... in the basement. Purposely out of the way because I do not want the numbers to control me or my mood. I've seen that happen to too many people. I go by how I feel or my clothes feel and sometimes by how I look in the mirror. The mirrir isn't a reliable source though. Anyway combined with the umbers the on the doctor's scale and feeling a few extra since then I know I need to get serious. Probably about 15 pounds worth. Ouch!

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