Friday, April 20, 2012


Jamie Moyer is a hero of mine. I don't know him personally but all information points to him being genuine and an all around good person. I've always thought him a good role model for younger athletes. When he was let go by the Phillies two yeas ago, people wondered if he'd pitch again. He's not only still pitching, he earned a spot in the starting rotation for the Colorado Rockies this season. Earlier this week he became the oldest pitcher to log a win in the majors. ABC News just did a feature on getting older and they highlighted his staying power. The focus was on the fact that he is doing what he loves to do and he works hard. Being older he has to start work outs earlier than the rest of the team. He pitches slower than most pitchers but his placement is so accurate he gets strikes. So I might have to work harder, but I really enjoy running so that's that. It's a fact of life. Now if the doctor would just clear me to start running again....:). And to the people who are going to remind me that I'm three years OLDER than Jamie .... PPPppppppppfffffffffftttttttttttt.

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