Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Good Place to be Cranky

I've tried to keep a good attitude about this injury. I've tried to focus on the silver linings; I can watch friends and family cross the finish line at LV Half (something I would have missed if I was running since I am a slow runner), I'm getting a sense of perspective for those who have or will go through injuries with Phillyfit, I'm learning more about proper stretching (from PT and DOC) that I likely wouldn't have learned on my own, I am getting a lot of stuff done at a time of year (pre Phillyfit season) when there is a lot to do... and so on.
But some days - and today is one of them - I really just want to let out a huge and very loud *sigh*. I'm bordering on snitty right now. So I came here to let it out. I think this is yet another good reason to have blog. Besides sparing friends and family the mundance details of my training (if they are reading this it's on them I didn't make them) I can also keep them out of the way of my frustration.

The thing is that as I get older - of course who am I kidding when I started seriously running I was already old - but as I get older and things hurt or slow down I usually go for a run and feel better. Part of it is the adrenaline rush that comes from physical activity and part of it is just being able to say "Take that. I can't be THAT old if I can still do that." But right now I can't run. :(

Part of my current funk is the PT telling me last night that he didn't see a lot of improvement in the flexibility of my hamstrings after almost 10 days of excercises. :( He said the good news was at least the tightness that is still there is equal on both sides. Ok, whatever. I should have asked but I kind of got the feeling he was expecting more. I've done all the excercises completely and thoroughly every twice a day except one when I was just too tired to get up early enough before work.

So I can walk without pain or limp, I'm finding it easier to move from a sitting position to walking with hardly any stumbling or wobble that I had for years. But my return to running is likely still a ways off. I knew it would be a slow process but I can't help wondering what if I'm done. What if I really am too old anymore.


Ok I'm finished. A good night's sleep is a good substitute for a run. Right? 


  1. I hear you loud and clear!!! I just started PT round 2, and it sucks!

  2. Hang in there Paula. Injuries and recovery time unfortunately are part of running. You are frustrated now, but what seems like a long time to you is really not that much time for injury recovery. Just give it some time, and keep doing your therapy exercises.

  3. Every time I get an injury, I wonder if I'm done running. I can't imagine losing this and I've only been at it since October. So I completely get your frustration. Hang in there - and remember that the blog is "Keep Smiling, Keep Moving" even if that moving isn't running. Thanks for all your help keeping me on the rails.