Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 4; cycle 1 complete

This was week four of the running plan and the end of the first set. Here's how it went
Week 1 25 scheduled - finished 24.5; how silly right? Why didn't I just hang on for that extra 1/2 mile?
Week 2 25 scheduled - fininshed 25; that's better.
Week 3 27 scheduled - finsihed 27 with an awesome 13 miler on the Saturday
Week 4 13 scheduled - finished 9.

The groin pull starting rearing it's ugly self before the 13 miler. It faded away a few feet into the run though so I kept going. The same thing happened on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt it during the day - especially after sitting for any length of time but it would go away once I started running. On Thursday thought it stayed with me. I managed 1 of my planned 5 miles that day and it still hurt so I stopped.

Rest and ice are in order the next few days. I'm not scheduled to run again until Tuesday so hopefully it will heal enough by then.

Next week I'm back to 27. With the USAFIt Organizer conference on the wekeend I won't be able to do  10 and 5 on the the weekend as I would like. This is the beauty of this schedule I think. I won't get the 10 mile long run in but the focus on total weekly mileage forceds me to do back to back to back longish weekday runs instead. As long as I don't have too may weekends like this in a row I think it'll work out just fine.

Stay tuned. :)

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