Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress report

So on August 18 I said I wanted to try for 30 minutes every day running or walking. I've done fairly well so far. The past three days I have not done a formal 30 minutes. We've been traipsing around Gettysburg, HersheyPark and Crystal Cave with the grandson though so I've more than covered my distances. Technically I wanted to do 30 minutes in addition to daily activities but these three days were more than typical so I think I'm good.

My foot has been feeling better too. The recovery from getting up in the morning or from sitting (in the car for example) for long periods is much quicker. I finally put some tennis balls in the freezer for combination of stretching and icing. No one has noticed it yet but I'm sure it will generate questions when they do.

I did not run with Phillyfit last weekend due to the family bbq. I had planned to skip tomorrow too because we were going to be at the shore today and figured on getting home very late. That was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. Theoretically I could go tomorrow but I think I'll stay home. This vacation has been really good for my me and I think it's a good idea to see it through as a vacation from all my working responsibilities. I do miss the group though and I am anxious to run with friends again. I hope I can entice someone to come out with me on Monday. :)

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