Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moving on; creating a habit

A friend from USAFit/Philly posted this link to our fanpage today. The line that got to me was this one "Maybe I’ll get in peak form eventually, but I’m not rushing it. I’m going to enjoy the open road. And a drink or two along the way." This really boosted my mood. Bagging MCM was by no means giving up on marathons completely but I have been struggling with the question of why this summer has been so difficult. I think the answer is, it doesn't really matter. That's not easy for me to accept. I like to know the reasons for things. But after reading this post I think maybe I can deal.

The next two weeks will be a challenge for me. With company visiting I will not get to do my long runs. I did get to 16 before quitting MCM so I know I can do the half marathons coming up but I can't just stop running altogether and accormplish that. So I've made a committment to do 30 minutes minimum every day. I can run, walk, or other exercise as long as I do at least 30 minutes. I should be able to do that on any day for the next 12 (the length of Cole's visit) and then see where to go from there. I'm not averse to doing more than 30 but 30 minutes is a number I know I can squeeze in somewhere every day.

I'll let you know.

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