Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stats for the day: Temp; 14, Windchill 5; Miles 6

Five phillyfitters came out to run at Oaks today. Some would say we need our heads examined and maybe we do; however it was a magical day on the trail. New snow fell on Friday. The trial had some packed snow and some not so much. The cross country skiiers must have loved it! Underneat the snow was ice from the warm and freeze we had earlier in the week. It was slow going in some spots but well worth the outing.

I had 11 on my schedule for today and finished 6. I'm not sure if I could have gone the full 11 or not but something told me it wasn't advisable. I finished 6 with Maggi but after she left I would have been out there alone. The trail was pretty much deserted this morning. The cold was not an issue for going farther. After the first mile my toes and fingers came back to life and I felt warm in my layers. The Aquafor had started to melt off my face but I had more in the car so I could have reapplied. My heart though was working overtime; not only to kee me warm but also due to the harder running. Where the snow wasn't packed we had to lift our legs higher to get through. I felt like I was straining a few times and was grateful for the walk breaks.

Still I really enjoyed the run. It was so peaceful and pretty out.

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