Sunday, January 9, 2011

A slight detour

All was going so well. Then on Thursday, January 6 the plan took a detour. I had planned 7 after work. I was making up for a missed day earlier in the week. Decided to do what  I could and not worry about it.

I was working on a 3/1 run/walk combination and really enjoying the evening. The snow from boxing day was all but gone and ice was pretty much nonexistent. I had my headlamp with me although for the most part the streets are pretty well lit in Media. I only need the headlamp in a few spots.

So when my watch beeped 6 miles I was surprised and pleased at how good I felt. I went to switch from walk to run and BAM I went down. I wish I could say it was a bump in the road or a cat ran across my path or something more exciting. But it was just that my left foot appratly did not get the memo that walk break was over.

So down I went, my ankle smarting from being twisted in ways it does not like to go. I didn't have my phone so I had to walk the last mile back to the house. By the time I did arrive home I was sore and really chilled. What a sight I must have been sitting on the couch with ice on my ankle and blankets on the rest of me. It's Sunday now and although the ankle still twinges when I try to bend it - as in going up stairs - the swelling is down and walking on it is not a problem. I'm planning to do my scheduled 3 miler on Tuesday. Slowly and carefully. And since I generally don't do run/walk on runs less than 5 miles I shouldn't trip over myself.

Today I had scheduled a phillyfit run around Media so I went out to the meeting spot at 9 AM and John and Julius where there. They kindly accepted a walk with me rather than a run. This is the spirit of Phillyfit. Of course it could be that without me they wouldn't know where to go but really how lost can you get running up and down streets in a neighborhood. I offered to give some directoins too. No, they were just being nice. I appreciated it .

There is snow in the forecast again on Tuesday into Wednesday. I hope I get my run on Tuesday in before it arrives. My plan is to run the same weekday schedule this week coming up but change the weekend. This week coming up was supposed to be a drop back week. I think I'll just count this past week as the drop back week and add miles to my Saturday run and get back on track. It's still early. :)

A big difference in how I feel (think) now is that I am not really worried about missing a few days nor am I concerned about falling behind. Of course that doesn't mean I won't but if I do,  it won't be a self fulfilling prophecy this time. I'm really liking this new running state of mind.

I'm still slow and I run like a dork but I'm still smiling and I'm still moving.

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