Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey baby, it's cold outside

This week should have looked like this

Walk-3mile-4 miles-3miles-rest-5 miles-4 miles.
It ended up like this
Rest-4 miles-2 miles-off-rest-5 miles- 6 miles

Monday it was too cold out to walk. Running is one thing but walking is tougher.

Tuesday the temps were not even at 30 and the wind chills were approaching the teens. I am determined however so I layered up. Three layers on top, two layers on bottom, two pairs of gloves, a hat and my ear covering head band. I put Aquafor on my feet and my face. The aquafor worked really well. I missed the spot just under my chin and the difference was very obvious. I did a nice 4 mile loop around the edges of the borough with some extra loops up and down some side streets off 252. I was amazed at how comfortable the run felt. I just ran… no worries about pace.. I just ran. The last half mile was a bit of a struggle. My lungs were starting to feel the cold and I felt like I was straining. I finished 4 miles in sub 30 degrees (and dark) though. I’m very happy.

On Wednesday it was about 5 degrees warmer and not quite as windy. I dressed the same except for only one layer on the bottom and went out for 2 miles. It was uneventful and at the end I still had a good amount of energy left. That was a nice feeling. Wednesday was also my birthday which is why only 2 miles. I had a birthday date to get to. :)

On Thursday it snowed. I would like to run while snow is coming down but I determined it unsafe this time. The conditions were particluarly icy and I don'thave the yaktrax yet. At least one of us (me or the cars) should be steady on the road.

On Friday I planned to make up Thursday's run. But I didn't. I felt an extra layer of tired that I didn't think I wanted to work through. It's possible if I had I would have felt great but I didn't really think so. Considering I fell sound asleep on the couch right after dinner, I think I made the right choice.

On Saturday, I had a fantastic 5 mile run with Helen, Sammy, and Mary Kay at Valley Forge today. Cold but sunny. We did 3 and 1's. I felt really good. Changed my mileage to 6 for tomorrow. I think I'm ready and that will keep my mileage up for the week after losing Thursday.

Today I went out for 6 around Media. It was only 27 when I left the house but my extra layers and Aquafor kept me comfortable. I wouldn’t say this one was easy but for once my mind was stronger than my body. It was all about finishing; 11 miles for the weekend.

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