Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello again....

My blogging for the past six months was over at the USAFit/Philly blog. It might be confusing to keep two blogs but I think, I'm going to keep my personal training stuff here and just comment on group stuff over there.

So, I'm back.......

It's time to start thinking about training for Gettsyburg. I've decided to use Hal Hidgon's Intermediate I schedule with a few modifications. I'm reversing the Saturday and Sunday schedules so I'll be going long on Saturdays and shorter on Sundays. That's the habit we've gotten into with Phillyfit and it works for me. I like the idea of running again on Sunday. When I trained for Goofy I ran back to back Sat and Sun and I believe I was in the best shape of my short running career at that time. The second mileage day is shorter in this plan but still I think there will be benefits.

I haven't read the descriptions for each day of the schedule yet but at first glance there doesn't seem to be any hill, tempo or speed workouts. So I've made my own notes to add those on the Tuesday and Thursday runs. Of course a lot of that depends on the weather. If it's icy or snow out just getting the miles in will be the priority. My primary goal is not to miss any workouts. That means all the runs plus core workouts on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. An 18 week schedule will start the week between Christmas and New Year's Until then I added my own distances (starting this past Sunday) working up to the 'official' start on December 28th. I have plenty of cold weather gear and I plan to ordre a pair of yaktrax in case we get another winter like last year. I'm determined not to let the weather stop me.

I admit to a small reservation about two 20 milers but I think if I stick to the schedule I'll be ready when the time comes. I'll take it one week at a time. Worst case, is I skip the first 20 miler and just do the second one. I really want to try for both though.

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