Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On my way......... almost

I am off to work shortly. Will be there until 2. All packed and ready to go (I think). Packing for this trip was like no other. First off because I am not travelling light. I had to bring two sets of running clothes including shoes for two days running and some optional gear because I'm not sure about which or how many layers to wear. I've been dressing for the 20's to run and it will not be quite that cold for Goofy so I will have to make some adjustments and those adjustments usually happen gradually not in the space of a few days. Then there was deciding what to pack for regular wear. Again it's colder here. So I was trying to think fall or early spring in what to pack and my brain was saying "Hellooooooooo... what's wrong with you".

It's flurrying here in PA this morning...

I'm excited, nervous and looking forward to this!

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