Sunday, January 3, 2010

No running today...

It's still bitter cold and with wind gusts up to 40 mph or more it would have been miserable. I am staying in and doing lots of other prep work for Goofy. I've made lists (no surprise there) and emailed various support people and organized my stuff.

I'm about as ready as I'm going to be. Still I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. According to my sister Katie, who lives near DW and with whom we will be staying, the high temps will be 55-61 with a low on Saturday expected to be 27. I know they are not used to that in Florida. We ran the 2008 Philly Marathon at 26. Enough said! LOL

I went to Target and purchased some of their 'famous' 50 cent gloves to wear and throw away. I still have to track down some sweatshirts around the house that I can also throw away after the start.

5 days and counting :)

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