Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterday I had a great 5 mile run after work. I had several run ins with the reality of turning 50 during the day including an unsolicited application for AARP.... but the run put all that in perspective real quick.

When I woke up today I decided that it would be a gym day. It was raining like mad; there were pools and lakes where there had once been dry land. However, by noon the rains stopped and on my way home the temperature was 57 degrees. The forecast for tomorrow is for 37 and high winds so I decided to run tonight.

Again I went out feeling good. The problem was that although the waters had receded the debris that the waters brought had not. It was tricky dodging the branches, stones and piles of mud. I was about 2.5 miles into the run and had to turn around from my original course. It was just too dark. The street lights where I was headed were too far apart. I wear reflective gear and run against traffic but the shadows between the lights made it difficult to see where I was stepping. So I turned around improvised an alternate plan through Media. I'm happy to say my estimate was pretty good. I checked the route on and it came out to just a little over 5 miles.

Tomorrow I can go to the gym or run. I haven't decided yet.

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