Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend 15 miles

First let me say that it snowed yesterday......... first of the season. Ok I know technically it is not winter yet but it is after Thanksgiving when the playing of Christmas carols and the falling of snow should be allowed without scorn.

Yesterday was the first 'winter' run for USAFIT Philly. 6 of us showed up and that worked out nicely as it gave each of us someone to run with. Krisite had to slow her pace a bit to stay with me but she so kindly did that. She and I completed 9 miles and we were both pleased. It was her first long run since the marathon and my first day back after the week off.

When I left home yesterday morning it was raining and sleeting off an on. By the time I arrived at Oaks the precipitation had stopped. It was cloudy, chilly and humid but nothing came down until just at the end of our run when we were spit on a bit. As I drove toward home it started to rain/sleet again. I had thoughts of adding another 3 around home but was not in the mood for the rain/sleet thing so I drove on to the gym and did a 30 minute workout there instead.

The snow did arrive late in afternoon. By this morning the sun had melted most of it although the sidewalks were icy. I waiting until 2 to go out. I started with a loop around the neighborhood just under 1.5 miles. Funny but halfway into it I was sort of wondering if I really wanted to do this today. My right calf was stiff. By the time I finished the loop it was loose though and I decided to head over to do a lap of the Media Five Mile run. And then I decided to do another. It's amazing what happens when you hit the rhythm. And I think I am definitely a distance runner. Not a fast distance runner but my body seems to prefer distance over short. The more I go the better I feel about it. Of course if i'm tired or hurt it doesn't matter but all things being in good shape distance feels good to me.

So that's 15 miles for the weekend. I hope to get 15 more in during the week (3x5) for a total of 30 for the week. The next two weekends will be difficult to do back to back because of work and family obligations so total miles for the week will be the goal.

Have a nice week!

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