Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tomorrow's Half Marathon

I missed one day of running this week. I probably would have completed 4-5 miles that day but I didn't do it. It's only one day. THAT''s what I'm thinking now. Last night I was obsessing over the fact that by the time tomorrow comes I will have not run for 4 days. And that thought was bringing me down. I'll be fine. I missed a 4-5 mile run that wouldn't bring significant change in tomorrow's results. :)

Now about tomorrow. By now you know that my number 1 and 2 goals are to finish and have fun- and not necessarily in that order.

I have been giving a lot of thought to a finish time goal. I did very well in the Broad Street 10 miler (average 10:40 pace) and the Run the Bridge 10k (average 10:19 pace) this year. Interestingly enough both were run in rainy conditions. Tomorrow the forecast is for partly cloudy skies and a high of 57. The rain is expected to hold off until later in the day. My performance in the distance run this year (average pace 11:18) was slower than in 2008 (average pace 11:06); due in large part I'm sure because in 2008 I ran the first several miles with Angie and Doreen who really are faster than me. Still I didn't feel as good in the Distance Run as I did in either the 10 mile or 10k this year. See I told you I gave this a lot of thought. And really all that thinking means nothing since whatever happens will happen. I'd really like to average 11 minute miles tomorrow. That will shave 1 min 10 seconds off my half marathon PR (2008) and I think it's realistic. I have to run my own race though and I've been getting better at that.

I did manage to wrench my upper back this morning...not sure how.. but on both sides I'm sore. I was fine when I got out of bed and still fine out of the shower... something happened between then and now. I took an aleve and I'll take one tonight again and hope for the best. Sometimes when I run these aches and twinges go away so who knows.

Today it's off to the race expo at the convention center. See ya tomorrow! :)

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