Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Focus on Goofy

Now that the USAFit Philly season is over (all but the after party) and the half marathon is in the books my full focus is on Goofy in January.

I worked out at the gym yesterday and plan a 3-5 mile run this morning. My miles this weekend will similuate goofy with 12 on Friday and 24 on Saturday. I've back and forth mentally on this for the last couple of days. Alternating between looking forward to it and not in the mood. Last night I decided that if I don't make the full mileage I can always try again next weekend. That seems to have taken the pressure off and I'm back to being excited about the challenge again. OF course I won't have that option in January but barring any physical impairment I can't see me bailing on the actual races. It's just too much fun to be out there with the crowd and the sights. Even at the Philly Marathon which almost knocked me out mentally last year I finished and always knew I would.

The trick for Friday and Saturday will be keeping the course interesting. I bagged the idea of 3x around the river drives. Without mile markers, even though I've run it many times and can pretty much visualize the course, I'm afraid I'll go bonkers. I'm almost settled on a combination of routes out at Valley Forge and Oaks where I can tick off the miles as I pass the markers.

Stay tuned....

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