Saturday, October 10, 2009

The morning after....

The morning after a blood donation is not a good time to run. I think I knew that even as I was in the bloodmobile but I also knew that missing today's run would not be the end of the world either.

I left home around 6:45, it was 70 and humid. I arrived first at the meeting spot and unloaded the snacks, gatorade and water and found a more or less dry spot under a tree. Being one of the last ones in usually I didn't want to leave it all locked up in my car. I think all told only 10 of us showed up today. I imagine that is in part because of the drop back week; some felt they could do 10 on their own so why get up early in the rain. I also think we've lost some people because they were locked out of the marathon so they've stopped coming. That's a shame but possibly true.

Renee gave us a good talk on safety and we headed off to do the loop and then a 2 out and back on the Schyulkill Trail for a total of 10. Halfway into the loop I knew I was in trouble. I wasn't going to make 10 miles. I took numerous walk breaks and after completing the loop I headed back to the meeting spot rather than go out and back for the remainder. My muscles tired easily and my breathing was difficult. So note to self; no blood donations in the middle of training. Or at least not the day before a scheduled long run.

I've adjusted my schedule yet again. Due to today's poor showing I'm going to go for 5 every day this week through Wednesday, the gym on Thursday and then rest on Friday before joining the group on Saturday for 15.

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