Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walking on Monday, Running on Tuesday

Monday was a scheduled day off. Instead I walked about 4 miles with one of my Realtor friends in Harrisburg. She can't run right now due to some back and hamstring issues so we enjoyed a walk across the walking bridge to City Island around the Island back over the bridge and then along the river trail for a bit.

Today (Tuesday) I met two other Realtor friends at 6:15 for a 5 mile run along the trail. The really nice thing about this was that my ankle did not twinge even once before during or after the run. In fact, all day, despite being in heels I felt not discomfort at all. I really hope this is a long term thing!

Been debating what to do the next couple of days but then I saw the weather forecast so I'll stick to the plan which calls for 2 gym days in a row.

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