Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's not about speed...

It's about endurance, sticking it out and finishing. This is my new mantra.

Today I ran a great 5 mile loop through Media. It is a modified version of the five mile race course. I cut out Street and run on Baker Street instead. This cuts out the traffic, people and food smells on State. By running to and from the house to the loop I still get in five miles. The weather is like June out there now. A perfect evening for running. A couple passed me on Olive commenting, "We won't have many more of these!".

The ankle was still oddly better while running - go figure. The toes on my left foot are doing some weird stuff. Not toenails, toes. It's hard to describe. Not really a blister although possibly a blood blister but it doesn't hurt like that. I'll keep an eye on that.

I noticed an odd thing about parking spaces as I ran today. All the spaces between Front and Second on Olive were empty of cars making it easier to spot this. Every space had the same wear marks just to the outside of the space where the drive would get in and out of the car. A distinctive wear spot as if a good snow fall will create a pothole there. The street seems to be able to handle cars but not people. Interesting. Hey! You have to think about something when you're running.....

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