Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts after a 12 mile run

This was my first long run since turning my ankle 2 1/2 weeks ago. So I was nervous today. I also new that on this run I had to work on fueling in addition to hydrating. This is my second year running and I think I have the hydration thing pretty well under control (I've not experienced any issues at least) The fueling is something that I struggled with last year. As for drinking, I do all water. Gatorade upsets my stomach (even diluted) and I do not like the taste of others I tried. So last year I discovered electrolyte capsules and that seems to work for me. I drink a few sips every 2 miles or when I'm thirsty whichever comes first. I take an electrolyte capsule about mile 5 and then roughly every 5 after that. I adjust up or down depending on the heat and humidity but for a day like today that works.

As for fueling, well like I said there is defeinitly room for improvement. I am feaful of trying gus or gels.. I'm afraid the consistency will bother me. So last year I tried fruit snacks and fig newtons. Fig newtons were too dry. Friut snacks were not enough. I needed so many of them to make a differnce that I couldnt fit them in my pouch on the longer runs. Plus they take a lot of chewing! I did some research and found that a serving of raisinettes (1/4 c) equals 190 calories, 32 g Carbs (27 sugar). Two gels have 180 calories, 44 g Cargs (4 suguar). Raisnette also have 8g of fat where the gel has none but I didn't think that was too bad in the long run (pun intended) Besides I knew I liked the consistency of Raisinettes. So that's what I tried today. A little awkward to handle. I had them is a ziploc and managed not to spill by only opening it part way. I brought two bags each with 1 serving but only used one. I took them at intervals and I think it worked out energy wise. I am determined to try a gu or gel on our next run over 10 miles though. I think I have to just bite the bullet and at least try. If nothing else they are more convenient.

Physically, I was very conscious of my ankle today although it felt fine. I talked to myself on the drive over today reminding me that walking was ok if I needed to it. Don't misunderstand, I know that walking is always ok but sometimes when I walk I lose mental momentum and have a hard time getting up to the run again. So I decided this would be a good exercise in overcoming that mental thing. I did use a few short walk breaks today and managed to pick up running again just fine. Yay me! My muscles are tired (but hey it was 12 miles). I'm not feeling in desparate need of a nap (a problem last year) so the eating did help I think. The inside of my right ankle (the one I hurt) is sore. At first I wondered if I was compensating unconsciously for the ankle (which felt fine) but I did the math today and I think I may be getting close to new shoe time. I'll keep tuned to that this week and see.

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