Sunday, July 19, 2009

This morning I went to the gym.

10 minutes on the elliptical. 20 minutes on core and arm exercises and finished up with 10 minutes on the bike. I had the ankle braced and knew that if I felt pain I would stop. I did not. :)

On the elliptical too I alteranted between holding on and keeping my hands at my sides. Not holding on required more balancing with my ankles and I wasnted to see how that would go. I could always grab the handlebars if I needed to. I didn't :)

I mowed the lawn when I came home. A small yard so it only takes about 45 minutes or so and it's pretty flat.

After all that I iced it.

The thing that really bugs me now is that when I wake up in the morning it aches. After I walk around a bit that goes away. Annoying.

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