Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stop Look and Listen

Today I ran the Media Five Mile loop after work. Two loops, 2.5 miles each (duh). The cross streets for most or the route are stop sign controlled. It's fairly easy to get through. You have to watch of course but most of the locals are used to seeing runners and walkers out and will give you the right of way if you are close enough so you don't have to stop. One section, though, along State Street is traffic light controlled. There is enough line of sight however to check it out as you get close and if it's clear go for it. So that's what I was doing at one intersection. I was 3/4 of the way across the street when the 3 year old on his three wheeler calls out, "Mommy, she didn't stop and listen!". I had to slow down then to tell him, that yes, I should have and then apologized to the mom for setting a bad example. She laughed.
All in all the run, although I finished it with a couple walk breaks, was not a great one. I'd like to blame it on the humidity but that feels like cop out. I ran out of energy. I think I may have to start paying attention again to what I'm eating during the day. See if I can find a better balance for running.

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