Saturday, June 6, 2009

Phillyfit Week three

It's USAFIT-Philly this year. I really should try to get used to that.

Today, I met Angie at 7:45 for a quick 3 miles. Angie is faster than I and I pushed to keep up with her. I was breathing hard but felt pretty good after. The rest of the group gathered at 8:30 and we went for another, easier 4 miles with them. My knee was a tiny bit sore in the last 1/2 mile but it quickly went away when I stopped running.

It's nice not being one of the new kids on the block. I feel good being able to encourage some of the newbies. Having been strictly a walker before joining last year and making it to the marathon I find myself being able to offer a lot of positive and realistic encouragement.

I had recently decided to run on Sundays after our long run Saturdays but I may not get to that tomorrow. We have plans to go into the city to watch the bike race. There will be a fair amount of walking at least.

I registed for the Philly Distance Run (9/20) and the Ben Franklin Bridge 10K (11/1) today. I'll get to the Philly Half (11/22) later; spread the hits to my credit card out a bit and also Helen was going to try to get us all a discount code.

Doreen wants us to join her for a Tex-Mex 5k on June 24th in Bucks County. I'm debating. I've go the Media Five Mile on June 19th. I guess I could treat the 5k as a mid week run and have some fun since there are others I know going to it.... but I don't want to go crazy with race fees....

I'll decide later this week.

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