Monday, June 8, 2009

Long 5 or Short 5

I know 5 is 5 is 5 but mentally there are differences. Today I debated which route to take. The 'short' 5 is more compact in reference to my home so it feels shorter. It's also a flatter route. The 'long' 5 spreads out more away from home and has many more up and down hills. It just feels longer.
All day the skies were overcast and threatening to storm. Had it remained that way when I got home the decision would have been easy; the short 5 so that I could cut of quickly and head for cover should the storm materialize. But no, on the way home from work the skies cleared. So I opted for the long 5. Tomorrow the forecast is for more stormy weather so who knows what I will have a chance to do outdoors. Might as well do what I could while I could.
Considering the humidity and 85 degrees it wasn't a bad run. I did have to walk along a piece of Orange Street. I've run there before and it was fine, however, after getting into the middle of it I remembered that was probably on a weekend morning early, not at 5:30. Traffic was heavy and the winding road made me uncomfortable. So I walked about a 1/4 mile to get past that rough spot.

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