Saturday, April 21, 2018

It's the Little Things ....

That seemed to be the theme today. We mentioned it several times as we chatted and hiked our way from Valley Forge to Charlestown Elementary School along the Valley Creek Trail and Horse-Shoe Trails.

Sara, Tootsie and I met at the elementary school at 8 am and carpooled in Sara's car back to the Wilson Road parking area off Yellow Springs Road near the covered bridge. We usually start from Knox but the Wilson Road area has restrooms and one of us - :) :) - had a need. Michael messaged Friday evening to say he couldn't make it at 8 but would start from the Elementary School later in the morning and meet us then go back with us.

Unfortunately Sara has been recovering from big time respiratory distress so she was unable to go the whole way this time. I'm glad we had the opportunity to hike together this morning. Sara, I know you'll be out for the distance soon. Feel better, kid. Perki insisted that I take this photo for you.

Tootsie and I wondered how old "Kate" - the creator of this spot - is now. I'm sure she's in college or beyond. When we met up with Michael later he too was glad to hear that the Tin Man was still alive and well. We talked about how we all have so many photos of him that should anything happen we could easily recreate him. And I'm betting we will if it comes to that.

At the top of Mt Miser y (the Tin Man's home) the Horse-Shoe trail meanders through treed areas and developed areas. It seems that every time we go out there more and more houses have popped up. The first time did this section was in December 2012. With Mike K. (not to be confused with today's Michael) and Maryanne. It was for all of us that day in 2012 our first time on a blazed trail. It wasn't until we were finished that we understood how to read the blazes and interpret the direction we should travel. We got lost several times. Not far lost but enough that we had to pull out the map. A map that was already 6 years old by that time so with re-routes it was not entirely accurate.

Note for those that might be hiking with us later this year, I now have the 2018 maps and guidebook. :)

As Tootsie and I came out of the Diamond Rock Preserve and onto street again, I remember that we were getting close to a turn that Mike K, Maryanne and I missed in 2012. Unfortunately, my memory had us making the same turn mistake that we had made in 2012. We didn't get far off track though as we immediately noticed that we weren't able to see any yellow blazes up ahead.

We stopped, turned around and right at the moment Michael popped out of the woods from the direction we should have gone. We were far enough away that I wasn't sure it was him and later he said he wasn't sure it was us either but he waved and we waited and all was good. Tootsie and I would have found our way back on our own but talk about timing, right? Michael turned around then and walked back with us to the elementary school.

It was a gorgeously sunny day. The temperature was a bit chilly at the start but by the time we finished I was quite warm. In fact, had we further to go I would have been uncomfortable in long sleeves.

Keep Smiling Keep Moving

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