Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Truth about Blogging

I deleted this blog's Facebook Page today. I got tired of Facebook constantly reminding me that I did not post to the page enough. Enough for their liking that is and therein lies the basis for the delete. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. I think the truth about pages is that although FB allows pages for things other than businesses that's really why the feature exists. If you don't post enough or buy leads you aren't satisfying Facebook's budget needs so Facebook feels the need to remind you of that. Ok that sounds like a rant on Facebook. But it isn't really. I like the platform for what I like it for. It has been a great way to stay in touch with friends and family near and far; to organize hikes and other activities with friends; and to follow things I want to follow. If I don't like a feature (in this case the page feature for my blog) then I don't have to use it. So I won't.

I created the separate page for my blog so as not to bother non blog readers with my posts. However, since most of my page followers were Facebook friends (past tense because the page doesn't exist anymore not because they are no longer friends) the reason for keeping a separate page doesn't make sense.

I think I had this delusion at one point that a page for my blog would increase its readership and by association increase interaction with people of like mind. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for the introverts with extrovert tendencies of the world. Of course, that delusion WAS silly because if one does not blog regularly one cannot expect readership and interaction to increase. DUH!

I won't make a new year's resolution to blog more. I've never found resolutions to be a source of motivation for me. I enjoy blogging though so I hope that I will blog more --- or more importantly perhaps have more experience and thoughts worth blogging about as well as the time to do so.

So if you are reading this - THANK YOU - and Happy New Year!! May it be filled with all the things you love and the patience to manage the things you don't.

Keep smiling keep moving

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