Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pulpit-Pinnacle Hike - Berks County, PA

With a little help from friends anything is possible.

A little over a year ago I tried to do this hike and ended up turning around before the first view. I reached a rock scramble that was over my head and not being able to see over it scared me. I had visions of having to balance on a narrow ridge once I got up there and I freaked out.

Today, in the company of friends I made it over the scramble and on to some awesome views.
Here is me being determined not to fail this time. 
And victorious

This hike is loop out of Hamburg Reservoir. Julius, Tootsie and I had plans to meet at 8:00 a.m. I made two wrong turns on the way there and then got stuck behind the clean up of an accident at the last stop sign before the parking area. So we didn't set off until about 8:15.

The hike begins with a long slow and steady climb along the Appalachian Trail. As you near the first view point called Pulpit Rock the terrain gets rockier and rockier. Climbing and boulder hopping are way to the top. But it's so worth it. I think it'd be worth it in any weather but today was PERFECT!

More rocks and a meandering walk along the ridge brought us to the Pinnacle.

Just beyond this rock pile is the view from Pinnacle
(We added our own rocks to the pile before leaving.) 

Out of the woods and rocks to this. WOW! 

The hike down is wider and less rocky.
Less being a relative term. 

Here is a video of the hike we did. It's someone else's video but if you want to see moving pictures of the hike. You can start about 1:40 into the video to start the hike. About 11:10 is the start of the scramble that I bailed on last time. :)

I had such a great time today. Can't wait to do another one soon.

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