Friday, May 15, 2015

A Milestone

A "milestone" is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. A small change in the letters and it becomes "millstone" which means a problem that does not go away and that makes it difficult or impossible to do or achieve something. Yesterday I went to Bella Bootcamp and turned a personal millstone into a milestone.

The second Thursday of almost every month is New Member Orientation day at work. I've mentioned it before and how much I love that day. I've probably also mentioned that as much as I love it it is an exhausting day that often leaves me dehydrated and listless. I often go home and get up close and personal with my magic couch after New Member day. Yesterday I went Bella Bootcamp instead.

I'm am thrilled and so proud of myself about this. I did not want to miss class, so I paid extra attention to drinking water all day. It's hard to stay ahead of that when teaching. But I didn't want to miss the class. In addition I was  playing catch up from giving blood on Monday. Normally, three days would be enough recovery time for me but my system went a little wonky on Monday and I felt a little unstable on Tuesday and Wednesday. But I was determined to make the class. And I did! :) I'm a little stiff in the shoulders and tight on the inner thigh muscles today. And this too shall pass.

So a milestone achieved. Small though it may be, it counts.

Not sure what, if any hiking, I'll do this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be volunteering with the Schuylkill River Heritage group at Play Manayunk from 12-2. If you are out and about stop by and visit! Play Manayunk is a celebration of all things recreation, fitness, and fun in Manayunk.

Keep smiling and Keep moving

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