Sunday, February 1, 2015

Susquehanna Super Hike - Registration

Yes I know what I said about a month ago. More or less in that post I had talked myself out of advance registration. I had decided that I had enough of the pressure of  'must do' training. Yeah, well that philosophy has officially jumped ship. Deep down I probably always knew it would.

Shortly after posting that, I visited the Keystone Trails Association (KTA) site to see if there was anything new. Sure enough the event page had been updated.

This year the event has been tweaked. It's still two distances but the longer distance has been increased to make it an official 50k and the shorter distance has been made a 25k. With the event now being billed as 50k Traill Ultra, I think there is danger of it attracting more attention and selling out. While I said I was ok with it selling out, that was when I didn't think the odds were good that it would. Now that I realize I really could lose out on the opportunity I realize how much I really do want to do this.

Registration officially opened today (February 1st). I went online around 10 pm last night and found it already open and registered. I am equal parts excited and terrified about this. For the past month I've been alternating (sometimes hourly) about whether I should or can do this or not. I'm registered so now I have to try. And if I don't try I would always wonder. So I had to register. A vicious win win circle. At least this hour.

The distance doesn't frighten me. It's the elevation. 8000+ feet of elevation change more or less equally in the up and downs. 11 significantly steep climbs. Nothing like what comes in my usual hikes. According to some MLC folks who have done the event the first 12 miles or so are relentless up and down. No breaks. THIS is what scares me. I do not have the strength and stamina to survive that.

So I looked at my budget and decided that I can afford to start working with a personal trainer. Maggi and I met this morning and training starts tomorrow. I know that what I get out of this is what I put in to it but I know I need guidance so this a good move for me. Just making the decision and having the first two appointments on my schedule are making me feel less shaky. By adding this previously missing element to my training I think I can do this.

I'm 55 years old. I'm not looking for miracles. I'm looking to improve to the best of my abilities. To purposefully train for this event. Looking back, I sometimes feel that I finished my marathons and half marathons by accident. I got lucky. Not this time.

BTW, in case you are not sure and just because I need to 'say' it out loud. I registered for the 50K event. If When I finish this, I will have trained for and completed my first official trail ultra!

Thank you for reading.

Keep smiling and keep moving

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